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PUSH released two full length CDs in the band's three years together. Souvenir was released in April of 1997. We won the 1997 Grafitti Rock Challenge and used the studio time that came as a prize to help pay for it. We were almost finished with the record when we won the Rock Challenge, so the timing was perfect. The album was produced by Rik Witkowski and recorded in the studio in his basement called Studio L. We were all real green when it came to making a record, and Rik was great at helping us through the process and getting good performances out of everybody. He was the one who came up with the infamous "polish ending" for the song 'Eye to Eye'. He also helped us get 'Eye to Eye' into rotation on the largest rock station in the region, 102.5 WDVE, before the record was released. Winning the Rock Challenge, releasing a CD soon after, and being in rotation on WDVE helped us get name recognition in the Pittsburgh region very quickly. You can still catch an occasional 'Eye to Eye' on WDVE at the time of this writing (November 1999).

Somewhere Down The Line was released in August of 1998. It was produced by Dave Brown. We spent a lot of time doing pre-production in our freezing cold rehearsal space in an abandoned school during the winter months getting prepared for this record. Dave Brown is a renaissance man of music. He is a great musican himself, has the insight to create tasteful arrangements, and also knows a hell of a lot about the technical details of getting the song onto tape/disk. We recorded it in Germantown, NY in a huge old barn which was converted into a studio called The Clubhouse. Amazing vintage tape machines, mixing consoles, compressors, and guitar amps, wild farm cats, and tap water that emitted the distinct odor of rotten eggs. All the right elements to get you ready to lay down some tracks. When I walked through the door of the barn, Dave Brown greeted me and asked: "Are you ready to make a classic album?" If I hadn't been up until that point, The Clubhouse got me in the mood real quick. Click on song title for full length MP3.

Somewhere Down The Line
  1. Everything
  2. Without A Doubt
  3. Got Me Wondering
  4. Further On Down
  5. Not the Same
  6. Situation
  7. River Song
  8. Only One
  9. Won't Be Long
  10. Hard to Leave You

  1. Eye to Eye
  2. Drink Too Much
  3. Stay/Goodbye
  4. Glory
  5. Someday
  6. Better Life
  7. Border Song
  8. Every Lie
  9. Coconuts
  10. Hippopotamus
  11. Gone So Long
  12. See You Around

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